HOKI Volunteering Philosophy

Competitive swimming is a unique sport not only because of the life-time benefits to the individual including physical fitness, improved self-esteem, low injury rate, to name a few, but because it takes many parent volunteers to host swim meets. In no other sport can so many parents take such an active role in providing the venue to highlight the accomplishments of their children. You don't have to just sit on the sidelines and watch; you can get down on the deck and participate by volunteering. "It takes a village."

Volunteering is an important part of the success of our program. Swim meets are an important source of revenue for our team and help to keep dues as low as possible, plus they are an essential tool to help build the values that this sport offers. All parents are expected to volunteer to help keep our club successful. Any parent is welcome to become an elected or appointed board member of New River Valley Aquatics, or a USA Swimming official, but most parents fulfill their volunteer duties in other ways.


Volunteering Agreement:

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Swim Meet Volunteer Positions and Descriptions

Meet Volunteer Positions

Announcer: The announcer is in charge of making general meet announcements over a microphone at a swim meet such as when warm ups will begin, when the meet starts, where coaches and officials need to meet, and other information that coaches, parents, and swimmers need at a swim meet.

Awards/Ribbons: At most swim meets, awards are given out to the participants for their placing at the meet.  These volunteers place stickers on ribbons and medals displaying the time and place that a swimmer received for a particular swim at a meet.

Facility Set-Up: Arrive either the night before or a few hours before a swim meet begins and set up tables, chairs, computer and timing equipment, and transport them from their storage site to the pool.

Facility Take-Down: Stay at the swim meet after the meet has ended to help put away tables, chairs, computer and timing equipment, and transport them from the pool to their storage site.

Security/Parking: Help direct parents, swimmers, and teams arriving at the meet to the proper parking area.  Ensure that the swimmer drop-off area remains clear.

Timer: Typically this position requires the most volunteers, and it is the simplest position.  Each lane at a pool typically requires 2 timers per lane to ensure accurate timing. Timers use stopwatches and automatic buttons to record times for the swimmers participating in the meet.

Runner: Runners often do various jobs including posting results, bringing water to officials and timers on the pool deck, and transporting other documents between meet workers.

Heat Sheets and T-Shirts: Most swim meets sell heat sheets and t-shirts to parents and swimmers.  These workers help parents select proper sizes for their swimmers and distribute heat sheets and collect money from parents.

Concessions: Concessions workers are in charge of working the concessions booth or tables at meets.  They prepare food that needs preparation at the meet, such as hot dogs or hamburgers, keep drinks and foods that need to stay chilled on ice, and sell snacks, drinks, and food to swimmers and parents.

Hospitality Helper: Most swim meets provide snacks, drinks, and food at swim meets for coaches and officials working at the meet for a long period of time.  Hospitality workers are similar to concessions workers, but only prepare food for coaches and officials working at a swim meet.


USA Swimming Officials Positions

Clerk of Course: Swimmers report to the Clerk of Course to await the start of their event or heat.  Clerk of Courses are primarily used for younger swimmers, such as 8 and Unders, who need extra supervision to ensure they are in the right place when their event begins.

CTS Operator/Computer Recorder: The CTS Operator is responsible for monitoring the Automatic Electronic Timing system and ensuring the reliability of the data sent from the touch pads.

Marshall: The Meet Marshall is responsible for monitoring the behavior of swimmers on the pool deck to ensure the safety of every swimmer in the pool.

Strokes & Turns Judge: The Strokes and Turns Judges ensure that all swimmers follow the USA Swimming rules for butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle, and that turns are executed in accordance with USA Swimming rules.  This ensures a fair competition for all swimmers.

Starter: The Starter is responsible for getting all swimmers on the blocks and into the water at the same time.

Head Timer: The Head Timer supervises the timers in each lane and assists a timer is their is a timing malfunction.

Meet Referee: The Meet Referee is responsible for all of the officials at a swim meet and is generally responsible for the ensuring that a swim meet runs smoothly and is fair for all participants.


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