Membership Information


  • Senior levels 2 and 3: Monday, Aug 31, 2015.
  • Age Group 1-3, Senior 1: Tuesday, Sept 8, 2015
  • Stroke School 1-3 and SR-Prep: Monday, Sept 14, 2015


Membership Dues:

AGE GROUP and SENIOR Groups:  

We offer 3 flexible payment options:

1)  Option 1:  Pay by Installments - Based on a 7-installment schedule for Short course season and a 4-installment schedule for Long Course Season.

2) Option 2: Pay by session - We have 2 sessions offered throughout the year. This option includes a 2% discount.

  Session Length  Month Which Dues Are Charged (1st of each month)

Short Course Season

Sept.  - Mar           



Long Course Season Apr - Jul             April, May, June, July

3)  Option 3:  Pay in full for the whole year - Choosing this option includes a 3% discount


STROKE SCHOOL including Senior Prep

 All Stroke School programs are offered on an installment payment schedule

  1. Session 1- Fall Session: (Sept- Dec )   Billed on the first of each month (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)
  2. Session 2- Winter Session: (Jan-March)   Billed on the first of each month (Jan, Feb, Mar)
  3. Session 3- Spring SVSL Summer League Tuneup: (April- May)  Billed on the first of each month (April, May)

Billing & Monthly Invoice Statements

Our team handles all of our billing using Team Unify's outstanding billing software and online account management.  Each active member of the team receives a monthly invoice statement on the 1st of the month.  To learn more, read the  Billing FAQ.

To Withdrawal from the program, Please use our  Withdrawal Page.



Each family is asked to help volunteer with swim meets that our team hosts.  Meet hosting generates revenue for our team and enhances our program.  Learn more about being a swim meet volunteer at our  Volunteering page.

Read below for the 2014-15 Volunteering Expectations OR Click here to print the  2015-2016 Volunteering Expectations


2015-2016 Fundraising Agreement


2015-2016 Volunteer Expectations

We are looking forward to another amazing year with H2okie Aquatics!  The success of the H2okie Aquatics relies on the support and volunteerism of its dedicated families.  Hosting swim meets is an important source of revenue for our swim team and helps keep our fees as low as possible. This year's fees are a direct reflection of the remarkable efforts and generous support from last year's volunteers. To continue the path of success, all swim families are expected to meet a volunteer commitment.

We will be hosting approximately 3 swim meets during the 2015-2016 short course swim season and 3 swim meets during the 2015-2016 long course swim season. The dates for these meets are:

2015-2016 HOKI Hosted Meets:

Short Course Season:

  • November 13-15 (short course)
  • December 11-13 (short course)
  • March 10-13 Short Course Age Group Champs (short course)

Long Course Season:

  • April 29 – May 1st Long Course Invite
  • June 3-5 Long Course Meet
  • July 28-31 Long Course Age Group Champs (long course)

It will require thousands of volunteer hours to make these meets successful. The volunteer requirements per family are outlined below. There will be a volunteer requirement for short course season and long course season. If you have a swimmer in just short course, then you will be responsible for the volunteer requirement for just short course season. If you have a swimmer participating in both short and long course seasons, you will be responsible to fulfill the volunteer requirement for both seasons.


Short Course (Sept-March)

Long Course (April-Aug)

Stroke School Family*

2 Sessions


1 Child per Family

4 Sessions**

3 Sessions**

2 Children per Family

6 Sessions**

4 Sessions**

3+ Children per Family

8 Sessions**

5 Sessions**


* Stroke School families have a reduced volunteering expectation in order to become more familiar with the program. Stroke School families are those defined as only having swimmers in the Stroke School portion of our program. Session  Requirements are for any of the H2Okie Hosted meets listed above. We will host several ‘Stroke School’ meets, which are a wonderful and convenient opportunity to learn about a swim meet, but will not count towards your volunteer requirement as these events are not Fundraisers for H20kie Aquatics.

** For Age group and Senior parents, at least 1 (one) short course session must be fulfilled at the Short Course Age Group Champs meet during the short course season. If your swimmer is participating in long course, then at least 1 (one) long course session must be fulfilled at the Long Course Age Group Champs meet.

A “session” at a swim meet lasts for approximately 4 hours.  Volunteering is expected even if your child is not participating in the swim competition being held.  The volunteer duties do not have to be performed by the parent. Others may work on your family's behalf, e.g. Grandparents, neighbors, or even the swimmers themselves! 

Once you have registered with the team and are given your password and login information, you will be able to view and keep track of the number of volunteer sessions you have remaining. In addition, when a hosted meet is approaching, you will be able to choose a job and sign up to volunteer online at our website.

Those who do not wish to volunteer during the Short Course season, you may choose to pay a one-time annual non-volunteer fee of $400, due on January 1, 2016.  Those who do not wish to volunteer during the Long Course season, you may choose to pay a one-time annual non-volunteer fee of $200, due on June 1, 2016. If you are short any sessions during the short or long course season, you will be assessed a $75 fee per session that you did not complete. These fees are paid in addition to any fundraising fees and monthly swim fees. 

Opportunities for volunteering at swim meets include but are not limited to marshal, timer, posting results, hospitality, serving in the capacity of a USA Certified Official, et cetera.  If you have been part of H2Okie Aquatics for more than 3 years, you are strongly encouraged to serve as a USA certified official.

Families will also be expected to volunteer at stroke school meets and/or away swim meets.  These are expected requirements to represent our team at these events and are considered in addition to the volunteer expectations outlined above.  Volunteer and Fundraising Expectations are independent of each other and families are required to fulfill both obligations.  Should you have questions or require additional information regarding your volunteer expectations, please email our Volunteer Committee at



2015-2016 Fundraising Agreement:   to print the   2015-2016 Fundraising Agreement

Welcome to another exciting year with H2okie Aquatics!  As we continue our goal in offering a positive competitive environment and enhancing our swimmer’s team spirit and sportsmanship, your support in fundraising is much needed.  The NRVA Board of Directors voted to continue a minimum fundraising obligation for each family in order to establish sufficient operating funds for the 2015-2016 year. Stroke School families and families that are new to H2okie Aquatics for the first time have a reduced fundraising obligation in order to encourage participation and familiarize themselves with the team expectations. 

Stroke School families are defined as those who only have a swimmer(s) in the Stroke School portion of the program.  Details are below:

  • $50 in funds for one Stroke School Swimmer/ 1st year swimmer
  • $75 in funds for two or more Stroke School Swimmers/ 2 or more 1st year swimmers

Obligations for Swim Team level families are listed below: (AG1,AG2,AG3,Sr1,Sr2,Sr3)

  • $240 in funds for each family with one swimmer 
  • $290 in funds for each family with two swimmers
  • $340 in funds for each family with three or more swimmers

Opportunities for fundraising include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Swim-a-Thon (More Info to follow)
  • Kroger Plus Card Program (different than gift card program)
  • Heat Sheet Ad Sales
  • Scrip Zone Information (gift cards)
  • Sponsor Letters: Donations (Tax Deductible)
  • Other Methods

Parents will be required to have their fundraising obligations paid in full at the end of the MCPS School year.  Your account will be automatically billed on your June invoice.  If you elect to withdraw from the team at any time you will be automatically billed for your fundraising obligation on your final invoice.

Note: NRVA, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible.
Our Fundraising Committee will continue to explore other means of raising funds for the team and will notify the membership as additional opportunities arise. Volunteer and Fundraising Expectations are independent of each other and families are required to fulfill both obligations.  

More Important Documents

Below you will find important documents for the 2015-2016 season.  These need to be signed and returned by mail if the team registrar has instructed you to do so.  Mailing address is 


If you will be withdrawing from the program in the near future, visit the 'Withdrawal Page' to learn how to formally withdraw from the team and stop your billing.